Helping our Vets with free essential transportation.

Van service policy and pick-up locations

The Clermont County Veterans’ Service Office offers van service transportation to and from VA medical facilities free of charge. This service is available for Clermont County Veterans who have been discharged honorably. Call our transportation hotline at 513-732-7471 to get a ride. We can pick you up at any of our designated pick-up points, with one exception per Rule #6. These are our pick-up locations:


  • Eastgate Kroger
  • Hamlet Kroger
  • Chase Bank Milford Shopping Center
  • Sem Villa Milford
  • Olive Garden Cherry Grove
  • Rivertown IGA New Richmond

Plus many more locations throughout the county.

Seat belts must be worn at all times while in van.

Contact our drivers

Steve Foster – 513-827-2514
Les Barnes – 513-256-8103
Dave Huffman – 513-781-7325
Billy Woodyard – 513-667-9115
James Reilly – 513-313-5480

Transportation requirements

  1. You must be an honorably discharged Veteran or caregiver to a Veteran to ride in our van. A spouse may ride in the van if there is room.
  2. You must be ambulatory. We don’t have a wheelchair lift so you must be able to get in and out of the van unassisted.
  3. You must make an appointment through our office to ride our van. This is for insurance purposes and record keeping. We also must have a copy of your DD-214 on file. New riders must fill out an application.
  4. You must call the office five days in advance of your appointment time to schedule your ride. For appointments call 513-732-7471. The transportation staff will call you and schedule your pickup time.
  5. You may ride the van for non-medical appointments at the VA medical centers provided there is room. Medical appointments have priority.
  1. We cannot pick you up at your door unless you’re visually impaired. You must have a doctor’s statement to verify this condition, updated yearly. In certain cases, however, the Director of the Office or the Supervisor of Transportation can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Transportation will not be provided on legal holidays or other appointed days as determined by the CCVSC.
  3. No eating, drinking or smoking while in the vans.
  4. No emergency appointments, please. If you have a medical emergency and need transportation call 911.
  5. All vans would like to leave the VA facilities by 4 pm. Please schedule your appointment accordingly.
  6. Please schedule all appointments for 9 am or later to ensure all Veterans arrive on time.
  7. Please, no calls or messages over the weekend when the office is closed.

We helped Dan with benefits

“I really appreciate what you have done for Dan and me.  As soon as you saw the shape Dan was in you got right on your computer and did everything you could to get his benefits started. He got his first check today. Thank you so much.”

Dan and Pauline P.