We’re your connection to essential VA health benefits.

Start with a call to CCVSC.

What care and services does VA healthcare cover? Each Veteran’s medical benefits package is unique, of course, since no two Vets are the same. Your CCVSC Service Officer can help you understand the possibilities. Here’s just a few of the benefits we can assist with:

Treat illnesses and injuries
Improve your ability to function
Prescription fills and refills
Assisted living and in-home care
Health problem prevention
Enhance your quality of life

See our FAQ page for answers to your common questions.

We help with preventive care services

  • Health exams (including gender-specific exams)
  • Health education (including nutrition education)
  • Immunization against infectious diseases (like flu shots)
  • Mental health services

We help with inpatient hospital services

  • Surgeries
  • Medical treatments
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Acute care (short-term treatment for a severe illness or injury or after surgery)
  • Specialized care – including organ transplants, intensive care for mental and physical conditions, and care for traumatic injuries.

We help with urgent and emergency care services

  • Urgent or emergency care at some VA health facilities.
  • Urgent care for injuries and illnesses that need attention right away, but aren’t life threatening, at urgent care locations that are part of our contracted network.

“Thank you for your help. Many times, in this world you don’t hear thank you. You made my day with all your support and information. You’re the best!”

Martin G.